Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Money, money, money, money..

If you don't do the challenges or do them to her statifaction, you don't get the money.  If you have a bad attitude, you don't get the money..

There are a few shows that I am addicted to.  Reality shows like Kourtney & Kim take New York, design shows on HGTV such as Property Virgins or Income Property...but the biggest ones are probably 'Til Debt Do U$ Part' and "Princess"  hosted by the tough as nails financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  She helps couples and individual people take control of their finaces and 'move from red to black' and rewards them with cash [to pay down their debt] if they do everything she asks of them.  [Yes, EVERYTHING]

She also works with financially irresponsible  "Princess" type girls who act as though they're entitled to everything under the moon including your wallet.   What I love about her is how she calls bullsh** on the participants when all they do is point fingers, whine or make excuses.  It really makes for entertaining television and really, she's pretty much nothing short of AMAZING!

 Check out Gail's website here!

There are a lot of great things about this website.  Aside from the advise, tips and many, many other things; there are a number of interactive worksheets to help you budget, plan, calculate and 'own up to your debt'.  You can fill them out online and print them off or you can save a copy in excel format.  Theres also a quiz to see if you're a shopaholic!  [which i'm too afraid to fill out..]

To be honest, I use one of her budget sheets daily.  And I have been for the last couple of years.  It's SOOO helpful!  I track my spending religiously.  And it helps me budget and to stay on track.  I don't know how I did it before -- I never used to budget.  Even the concept of creating a budget was so foreign to me.    I use to be the type of person who didn't care where the money went and most of the time it was just going to clothing and bank fees.  However, in the last couple of years, I've definitely become extremely aware of my finances, debt and savings and continously try to be smart with my money.  It is my money after all, shouldn't I know where it's going? So pay off your debt and start saving! Nothing beats Financial Freedom!!

This is where being on a clothing diet really helps.  Clothing, shoes & accessories are my weaknesses.  I love the idea of shopping and having bright shiny new things.  I literally daydream about shopping and cannot wait until the day I can buy something.  I have been browsing website after website mentally stocking a wishlist of items I want to purchase when I am able to.  I CAANNNN'T WAIIIITT!

Until then, I will just have to balance my budget. 

Le sigh..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh hi, it's you!..Hello again blog..

Hiiiiiii Lovies! 

Well it's been quite some time since I've updated this "blog".  I'm sorry if I haven't been the 'model blogger' or as active on the blog machine as I would have liked to have been.  It's not that 'blogging' hasn't been on my mind.  'Cause it has.  I guess it was just trying to find the inspiration to talk about something. I mean, yah I'm not shopping, and yaahhhh I'm struggling, but there are only SOOO many times I can blog about that.  Riiigghhtt?!?!  It becomes the same thing over and over again.  Yahknowhatimeannn??  Anyway, moving along..

Well, I'm more than ECSTATIC to report that no further purchases have been made..  Yay! oh YAY for me and my bank account!!  It's not that I don't want things, and it's not like I haven't spent an hour or so here and there putting items in my 'shopping cart' only to close the page before I could do any further damage. Trust me, I want to shop!  Like right now, anthropologie has the cutest summery tops and super cute spring dresses.

Question:  How are people content with not wanting to buy things??  How can I learn to be content with what I have?  Where does this all stem from?  Answers! I need answers PEOPLE!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

by the numbers:

days since I began this diet

days until i broke down and bought "something"

was what that "something"  cost.  shhh..

days since then

items I tried selling on eBay in hopes of M.M.M
[making more money]

number of items that actually sold [pair of jeans]

was what I sold them for

was what they originally cost

days left in this challenge!

happy friday lovies - heart, heart, heart

OUCH!!!..you're not a blog!

"Anonymous said...

I seriously don't understand why someone would start a blog and not make entries more than once or twice a month. This is not a blog! "

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Grush.

Happy Oscar DAY!!!

I'm so excited to watch the red carpet today!! I can't wait to see all the pretty dresses!  Awards season is the BEST!! 

You know who I'm really looking forward to seeing at the Oscars tonight??
Kate Mara.  She was in the movie 127 Hours that's nominated for Best Picture.  You might remember her from movies such as "Shooter" or "We Are Marshall".  She's cute and gorgeous at the same time [how is that even possible?!]

She'll be looking for redemption after her underwhelming appearance at the SAG awards.  I'm hoping she'll step up her game and show up wearing something a little more spectacular than this:

Yah, okay, the colour is kind of pretty...but not for her as it completely washes her out.  There's a lot going on with this dress that I don't like..  I don't like the Corset bodice paired with the frilly-frillyness of the bottom;  I'm not a fan of the mermaid style; I have a looonnng torso, so I generally tend to stay away from anything that emphasizes it.  Also, that clutch is pretty much the exact same colour of her dress which makes this whole look too matchy-matchy.  But the biggest question of all...what is up with that damn headband thingy?...

She's so gorgeous, but that headband seriously has to go.  It looks silly.  Blech..  I predict she'll show up in a bright saturated dress.. Perhaps bright pink or bright yellow...and if I'm wrong, I wear a head band like hers for a week.