Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh hi, it's you!..Hello again blog..

Hiiiiiii Lovies! 

Well it's been quite some time since I've updated this "blog".  I'm sorry if I haven't been the 'model blogger' or as active on the blog machine as I would have liked to have been.  It's not that 'blogging' hasn't been on my mind.  'Cause it has.  I guess it was just trying to find the inspiration to talk about something. I mean, yah I'm not shopping, and yaahhhh I'm struggling, but there are only SOOO many times I can blog about that.  Riiigghhtt?!?!  It becomes the same thing over and over again.  Yahknowhatimeannn??  Anyway, moving along..

Well, I'm more than ECSTATIC to report that no further purchases have been made..  Yay! oh YAY for me and my bank account!!  It's not that I don't want things, and it's not like I haven't spent an hour or so here and there putting items in my 'shopping cart' only to close the page before I could do any further damage. Trust me, I want to shop!  Like right now, anthropologie has the cutest summery tops and super cute spring dresses.

Question:  How are people content with not wanting to buy things??  How can I learn to be content with what I have?  Where does this all stem from?  Answers! I need answers PEOPLE!!

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