Friday, February 18, 2011


SoOoOooOoo I've done it. I have fallen off the proverbial wagon and bought something. 

Was it expensive? Probably...
Unnecessary? Probably..
Worth it? TOTALLY.

To be fair, this isn’t juuusst ‘something’ it’s more than that…I bought a limited edition type coat by Smythe for HBC.  It’s ABSOLUTELY 100% GORGEOUS!! And I LOOOVVVEE it and it LOOVEESS MEEEEE back! I want to have its babies! 100,000,000 of them!! So there! Try to get mad at someone who wants to have a baby with a jacket…that’s right, YOU CAN’T!

Let’s slow things down with a little history lesson about this jacket: In 2009 HBC [Hudson Bay Company] asked 10 Canadian Designers to re-create one of a kind coats from an HBC Point Blanket.  Originally they weren't for sale, however, Smythe's jacket in particular was so popular that they made a special order of 100 coats and sold them during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

[MIIINNEEE! All Miiinee!]

Anyhow, this is just one little minor blip on the radar. I will continue on with this challenge. After purchasing my jacket, I started thinking; I wonder what the success rate of this challenge is. I know you can measure ‘successes’ in a number of different ways yadayadayada. But if you measure your success rate as 100% = no buying anything and 0% = buying a new pair of Louboutin’s every week, what would it beeeee?!?!

Perhaps we can start a poll: For those on the challenge, how many non-essential items have you purchased? Don’t’ be shy, be honest…but be warned, I WILL JUDGE YOU! [just kidding, I won't - cubs honour]
  • Zero [Wow! Kick me in the crotch and spit on my neck am I impressed!!]
  • 1 – 4 [ok, alright...that’s a respectable number]
  • 5 – 9 [Not too terrible, but not terribly great either]
  • 10 – 14 [it’s a slippery slope...but keep on trucking]
  • 15 & Up [Highway to the danger zone!!! That’s right I just quoted that song that will forever be synonymous with Top Gun…deal with it. I heart you K-Log]
I suppose it was rather ambitious of me for thinking I could go an ENTIRE year without shopping. Mehhh…oh well, it was a good run; 7 weeks of zero shopping. That’s pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good…if I say so myself.  All in all, No regrets.  And whatever your number is; keep on keeping on.

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