Thursday, February 3, 2011

OMG, I’ve spent a lot on clothing, shoes & accessories!

I meant to do this before I started the diet but kept forgetting..

So, I’ve just finished tallying up the amount I’ve spent on clothing, shoes & accessories for the past year.  I’ve included totals from my bank account and my VISA.  I’m completely SHOCKED at the amount I have spent [nearly totaling 10K] in the last 12 months.  It might not seem like a lot of money to some, but to me it’s insane!  That’s over $800/month that could have been going straight into my neglected savings account.  But apparently, I decided at the time that it would be a much better idea to go out and buy “something new”. 

Ugh…this news makes me nauseous.  The worst part is; I can’t even really remember what I’ve bought!  I’m sure I’ve bought some pretty dresses and such, but that money could have been put somewhere else and I really wish I had done this diet sooner. 

Also, what really bothers me is I genuinely thought I was doing really well.  Tapping away at my little budget…thinking I had it all together.  But bank statements don’t lie.  In this case I kind of wish they did though.

At least I now know and that’s all that matters.  This new found knowledge will only reinforce my good shopping behavior and I will try my best to not let it get the better of me.  Learning from my mistakes; Check!  Not spending money on useless items; Check!  Nothing but good vibrations and happy thoughts; Check, Check! Huzzah! Starting ………………………………..................………….NOW!

Happy Not a Shopaholic Day!!!! 

~xoxo shopaholic girl

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