Friday, February 11, 2011

LUST it or LOATHE it?

I want this entire look!  The dress, tights, purse..OMG! those shoes!!! I would wear this everyday if I could!  I love the fun bird print on the dress and the billowy sleeves paired with those textured tights.

CUTE! Do you lust it as much as I do?
Someday when I can buy clothes, hopefully I can put a similar look together.

I like stripes.
 Ron Mclean was wearing the male version of this jacket during the Hockey Day in Canada Celebration today.  It was part of the HBC apparel line for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.  Isn't it FAB?! He totally pulled it off. He is Ron Mclean after all; he can do NO wrong!! 

But it was actually Rachael Bilson that ignited my obsession with this jacket.
I like toggles.

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  1. remember when you were talking about wearing the same outfit for a month to work? wearing an eye catching outfit like the first photo would be hilarious!! everyday..for a month! HAHA do it! that way everyone would notice