Friday, February 18, 2011

LUST it or LOATHE it?

Look at these earrings!  I want them on my ears right now!

For those who have been living under a rock; Kate is on the left.
Can we all just take a moment and inhale the beauty that is Kate Bosworth?!!  She is gorgeous!  Ever since I first saw her in "Remember the Titans" [as Gary Bertiers GF..I use to looove that movie sooo much and Hayden Panettiere was even in it as this little curly haired loud mouth - SO CUTE!] I've had this grush [girl crush - JUST made that up - COINED IT HERE FIRST FOLKS!] on her.  Although when she broke up with Orlando and was all like "I'm not skinny and I don't have an eating disorder" grush was most definitely off.

But these days she seems a bit healthier looking.  ANDDDD now she's 1/2 of JewelMint.  It's like online shopping and having your own personal shopper ie: KATE BOSWORTH.  For the low price of $29.99 per month!!  What happens is, you create a style profile and every month they recommend pieces from their jewerly collection that best match your style and personality.  If you don't like the selections picked for you, you can skip the month at zero cost. The best part is: FREE shipping and the jewerly selection is actually very beautiful!!  Why have I NOT heard of this site until today?!

I personally think that this is a great idea.  However, I would be careful as a one year membership would cost over $360.00.

Here's another one; just 'cause she's soooo pretty!

As Cher Coulter would say: "Have a fashionable day"


  1. This is exactly like ShoeDazzle, $39 a month for a pair of shoes, a purse or jewelry set. I just signed up for Jewelmint to see what they have, and everything is dangerously cute!

  2. I know! Don't they have deliciously looking jewerly? Very unique and have to let me know how it is!!